Targeted tutoring can often be best achieved through specific assessments. A free online assessment is useful in determining if there are any underlying issues that might be contributing to a student's academic difficulties. Even very bright students can experience learning difficulties at times. It could be as simple as not developing a broad enough vocabulary bank, a misunderstanding of a numeracy skill or poor organisational skills.

The assessments at The Tutoring Company cover

  • Reading and Writing
  • Mathematics 
  • Concentration and Organisation.

Assessments are designed to provide an insight into what areas students can improve upon, to maximise their academic success. These assessments are not grade-based, as provided by other tutoring companies, as we do not believe that this provides enough information for personalised tutoring. We want to know WHY a student is performing at a certain grade and not just the grade.

To receive the most appropriate free online assessment, simply complete the contact form.