Become an Affiliate Tutor

Do you want to run your own tutoring business but have found franchises too expensive?

As an Affiliate Tutor, simply pay a low monthly subscription fee. You can opt-out at any time as there are no locked in contracts and can also upgrade your subscription as your business grows. 

As an Affiliate Tutor you run your own business. You are responsible for all aspects of running your own business.  You retain the profits and pay a low monthly subscription fee. This fee covers the cost of the CRM and online tutoring platform. 

You choose how many hours you work from part-time to full-time and how and when you want to develop your business. You might be a sole operator who is simply looking for an amazing online tutoring platform and CRM with the option of expanding in the future. 

You must Apply to become an Affiliate tutor and this opportunity is open to anyone, in any country.

You may be interested in becoming an Affiliate Tutor if:

  • you run a tutoring centre or home-based tutoring business and need to provide online services to your students.
  • you have a website and a small local business and want to expand your business by providing online services and professional CRM.
  • you don't have a website but have a small business that you want to develop.
  • you are keen to develop your existing tutoring business and would like the support of a well-established organisation.
  • you want to start a tutoring business and would like the support and a well-established organisation.
  • you have tried online tutoring but are not really happy with the platform and are looking for something that is professional and dedicated to education. 

The tutoring industry is highly competitive and it can be difficult and expensive developing a business and website. You might have many great ideas but don't know where to start or could simply benefit from the support of an experienced educator and well-established tutoring organisation. 

As an Affiliate Tutor, you can be publicly affiliated with The Tutoring Company with a direct listing on our website, or you can simply have access to both our CRM and online tutoring platform. 

The table below outlines the differences between these two options:

Affiliate Tutor Enquiries


Ideal for businesses with their own website or those that do not need a website.


Ideal for businesses without a website but want the benefits of an established website.

Full access to CRM providing you with:  

+ much more

Initial Set-Up

Lesson Scheduling

Client account management

Job management

Client payments


Client/tutor email

Client/tutor SMS option

Email support

Build your business with the "Share Tutor" function

Website integration

One Online Classroom

Additional Online Classroom Option

Choose your own Online Classroom Integration

Automated Invoicing and payments

Business Support

2 hrs of CRM training

Available at an additional cost per hr

Business Development Support

Available at an additional cost per hr

Social Media Promotion


Location Protection


Job Referrals through website enquiries, website chat and phone enquiries


Branch listing on the website


International Search Referrals


Online Booking Integration


All fees are $AUD 

$75 Set Up


Monthly Subscription Fees:

$75 +
$5 per online classroom
2.5% fee/lesson

$500 Set Up


Monthly Subscription Fees:

$150 +
$5 per online classroom
2.5% fee/lesson


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