Business Templates

When seeking advice regarding your tutoring business it pays to learn from those who are in the same industry and have achieved what you are aspiring to. 

The Tutoring Company business templates have been developed by us and are based on the exact same documents we have used to grow into an award-winning international tutoring business. 

Each of the templates is tutoring industry-specific saving you the time and hassle of trying to reword templates that don't really relate to you or templates that are so general that many important aspects are missed pertaining specifically to the tutoring industry. 

Each template is easily edited. Add your own logo, company details and easily include any additional information.

This easy-to-follow template includes:

  • writing a Mission Statement
  • evaluating your current situation
  • short, middle, and long term planning guidance
  • Profit and Loss financial statement guidance
  • Pricing and budgeting
  • SWAT analysis guidance
  • One page action plan summary  
  • Bundle includes Excel spreadsheet to calculate your P&L



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Employing tutors or supplying work to a contractor means that you must have a great contract to protect your business, yourself personally, and the tutor.

This extensive list of clauses includes:

  • Provision of Services
  • Relationship
  • Confidentiality
  • Competition
  • Intellectual property
  • Privacy
  • Termination
  • Child Safety
  • Online Safety
  • Resource Ownership

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Terms and Conditions are used to provide your clients with the information necessary regarding access to your tutoring services.

This extensive list includes:

  • COVID 19 Protocols
  • Your Business Responsibilities
  • Client Responsibilities for:
    • home-based tuition
    • centre-based tuition
    • online tuition
  • Payment Terms
  • Group and One-On-One Terms
  • Lesson Cancellation Terms


Sale Price: AUD $45.00 (normally $75.00)

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