Home-Based Private Tutoring

Our sessions are personalised to ensure your child receives the best instruction

Providing your child with a private, home-based or online tutor is a positive experience for both parents and students, in a safe learning environment. Students receive one-on-one personalised tutoring, enabling them to ask questions and get the help they need. 

Some students prefer to work with others so small group sessions can also be arranged.

The Tutoring Company believes in a holistic approach to your child’s learning, working with your school, specialists, and yourselves to individualise the best tuition to suit your child’s needs.

Benefits of in-home tutoring

  • The tutor comes to you so no more drop-offs and pick-ups
  • Completely individualised tutoring according to your child's needs
  • Free access to a number of online Education sites enabling students to practice skills learnt in tutoring sessions
  • Dedicated client manager 
  • Free access to our online tutoring platform allowing tutoring to continue in those times when home-based tutoring is difficult
  • All tutors have a current Working with Children Check or teacher registration.
  • All tutors have undergone our extensive interview and vetting process.
  • Only the best tutors with knowledge of The Australian Curriculum are hired.
  • 1/1 or small group

The subjects that we specialise in are:

Primary Years Literacy:

At primary age levels, we love to encourage all our students to read. We then focus on comprehension and spelling to ensure the student grasps the concepts of literacy and we will engage them to learn specific strategies and techniques, such as organisational skills, to take to school. Any area of concern becomes a focus for each session.

Primary Years Numeracy:

Primary school numeracy builds the foundation for understanding higher-level mathematics. The main focus is on understanding numbers and how they interact, as well as incorporating all Australian Curriculum Primary Years Numeracy including:

  • Number and Algebra
  • Measurement and Geometry
  • Statistics and Probability

Secondary Years English:

The major focus in the secondary years is on complex essay writing skills,  grammar, spelling and punctuation. We also focus on the student's understanding of the texts being studied and this may involve further development of comprehension skills. Our tutors also encourage the students to think critically and creatively as this helps to broaden their understanding of the text and to answer complex essay questions. 

Secondary Years Math:

Our tutors understand the difference between each Math course: 

Year 11 and 12:

Each Australian State and Territory math course is catered for with specialist math tutors.

Years 7 - 10 Math

Our Math tutors work with each student at their own pace, so they can grow in confidence to be challenged in the subject and understand not only the processes but more importantly, the concepts. We work with the students in Years 7 - 10 to build a better understanding of foundation maths and to prepare them for future studies in math.

Our Senior Maths tutors work with students to teach them strategies and concepts in addition to focusing on exam techniques to maximise marks. We prepare them for final Math Exams so they have the tools to enter these exams with confidence.

Secondary Years Science:

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Years 7-10 Science

The Tutoring Company has an extensive list of Science tutors that are specialists and are qualified in their specific fields. Our tutors can give your child the tools and strategies to have the confidence to achieve the best that they can, in the Science subjects. The Science subjects are very specific, and we have only the most qualified tutors for these subjects available.