Online Tutoring Program

We specialise in delivering individualised, one-on-one instruction, through our state of the art, collaborative platform. 

A safe environment for learning

Verified Tutors

Verified Tutors

Every candidate is screened and interviewed and have a current Working With Children Check or VIT Registration.

Private and Secure

Private and secure

All communication takes place on the site. Personal contact details remain private and confidential.

Recorded Online Lessons

Recorded Online Lessons

All sessions are recorded and can be played back for up to 90 days afterwards.

How Does It Work

Once you log into the site using your personal and confidential log in details, you will gain access to the online platform.

This fully collaborative and interactive platform will allow you to access the most authentic online tutoring experience possible.

Upload exams, homework, worksheets, screenshots etc and gain feedback from your tutor from both the video contact with your tutor and by the ability for you both to write or type on the screen.

In addition, you can play back the recorded lesson whenever you like for easy revision. This also provides an additional layer of security and peace of mind.

We tailor our online tutoring of the Australian Curriculum to suit the individual students 

Our new innovative online tutoring service is a great opportunity for your child. The collaborative, two-way platform is the most realistic experience to actually having your tutor sit next to you! We want to give any child in any situation the opportunity to be taught by one of our professional tutors with personalised educational tuition.

Our web based online tutoring portal allows you to have access to our extensive list of professional tutors even if you are not based in Melbourne or attend an Australian International School.

If you are unable to receive our home-based one-on-one tutoring due to the following circumstances (for example):

  • You do not live in Melbourne
  • You live in a rural area
  • Your child misses a large amount of school due to illness
  • Your desired tutor lives outside your area
  • You attend an Australian International School and want an Australian based tutor

We can help you and your child.

At The Tutoring Company we are passionate to ensure any child, from any circumstance, is able to receive the extra educational help that they need.

If you are a parent who is finding it impossible to get the resources that your child needs, we can help.

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