What to expect from The Tutoring Company

Our private tutoring sessions are designed to teach your child studying strategies that will help develop their confidence

During your initial phone conversation, you will be asked a series of questions regarding your child’s learning. This gives us an insight into how to help your child. The aim is to discover if your child is struggling with learning across a wide range of subjects or just one specific subject. This can then indicate the need for any assessments or whether a subject-specific tutor can be immediately engaged. 

Understanding why tutoring is being sought is the foundation for developing individualised tutoring and matching the child with the right tutor. Simply determining the grade level at which a child is performing, and beginning tuition from that point, will not necessarily lead to any long-term change in understanding and performance if the underlying reasons are never determined or acknowledged. Grade-level assessments will only provide basic performance achievement. Many children will benefit from some form of diagnostic assessment, which is generally undertaken by a specialist teacher (Special Needs Qualified), or Educational Psychologist.

All our tutors have access to a wide variety of resources that match the Australian/ Victorian Curriculum.

We are always available for extra advice on:

  1. Further reading strategies
  2. Homework strategies
  3. Any further concerns you have regarding your child’s education

We understand how busy people are, especially families, and we strive to be flexible. This means that we don't ask you to sign a contract and you can pay as you go. In general, most tutoring sessions are 1 hour, but this can be altered according to your child's needs. Younger students may often perform better in 45-minute sessions and senior students may want 1.5 hr sessions. It is whatever works best for you and your child.