Secondary Science Tutoring

Biology, Chemistry and Physics online tutoring, in addition to General Science online tutoring requires the ability to be able to draw diagrams, perform mathematical equations, draw graphs and write and type on-screen. All this, and more can be easily conducted online via our collaborative state-of-the-art online platform:

The benefits include: 

  • calculate mathematical equations
  • write chemical equations and formulae
  • draw both complex and simple diagrams
  • write question responses
  • work on prac-write-ups
  • visual demonstration of science concepts

in addition to

  • Ideal platform for all secondary school students
  • Free personal and private, customisable online classroom. 
  • Free file storage of your lesson to review the video anytime within the next 14 days
  • Upload and share documents with your tutor
  • Save worked, online pages to your computer
  • Print out worked, online pages
  • Easy "share screen" function
  • Use of the "codecogs: equation editor
  • Easy graph functions


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