English Tutoring

Years 7-9 English Tutoring

English tutoring can be one of the most important factors in determining a student’s success at Secondary School. Throughout Years 7-9 all subjects become more complex and the language demands increase. At times, some students have trouble with the increased expectations and English skills required, including understanding and applying new vocabulary and essay writing.

During these years of schooling, it is critical for students to have firm foundations in all areas of English, as this will provide the groundwork for success in VCE English.

Each child is different and will have their own areas of difficulty. Therefore, students benefit more from an individualised approach rather than using a prescribed program, often delivered via a computer by other tutoring companies.

Our personal, one-on-one tutoring, targeted to the student's learning needs, can be extremely helpful in addressing student’s concerns and improving academic performance. Our English tutors will assist students in learning to write a variety of essay formats and to be clear in their spelling, punctuation, and grammar. In addition, tutors encourage your child to be able to think critically and creatively. These are skills which will be invaluable in their VCE years.

All English tutors at The Tutoring Company are recent graduates with high VCE English scores, currently studying aspects of English at University, English teacher undergraduates, or qualified English teachers.

All tutors have a current Working with Children Check or VIT registration.

Year 10 and VCE English Tutoring

English tutoring for Year 10 and VCE students can be a significant determining factor in achieving high VCE scores.

VCE English involves Literature Studies, in which students must write essays demonstrating their understanding of the text and be critical in their response. This also involves aspects of language analysis, as well as standard literacy skills such as spelling and grammar. Many students can have trouble with essay construction, gathering and formulating their ideas and analysing the language of the text. These are all areas that can be greatly improved with additional tuition. 

The Tutoring Company understands the importance of specialised tutoring for VCE students, which is why we only employ specialist VCE English tutors. Tutors are qualified teachers or undergraduates with specific experience in tutoring VCE students. They are highly skilled in their pursuits and therefore focus solely on tutoring English to their students.

All tutors have a very clear understanding of The Australian Curriculum and know what assessors are looking for. All tutors have a current Working with Children Check or VIT registration.