Tutoring for Primary School children

primary years tutoring

Our personal, one-on-one tutoring, targeted to the student's learning needs, can be extremely helpful in addressing student’s concerns and improving academic performance. Our Primary Years tutors will assist students with their individual needs with a personalised program.

All Primary Years tutors at The Tutoring Company are either studying to become Primary teachers, or qualified Primary teachers. At The Tutoring Company we do not consider any other graduate, or undergraduate, to have the necessary specialised skills to tutor children in primary school. Only those trained in Primary Education understand both literacy and numeracy development and why children might struggle at some time.

Benefits of in-home tutoring

  • The tutor comes to you so no more drop-off and pick-ups
  • Completely individualised tutoring according to your child's needs
  • Free access to a number of online Education sites enabling students to practice skills learnt in tutoring sessions
  • Dedicated client manager 
  • Free access to our online tutoring platform allowing tutoring to continue in those times when home-based tutoring is difficult
  • All tutors have a current Working with Children Check or Teacher Registration.
  • All tutors have undergone our extensive interview and vetting process.
  • Only the best tutors with knowledge of The Australian Curriculum are hired.
  • All Primary Years tutors at The Tutoring Company are currently studying to become Primary School Teachers, or qualified Primary School Teachers.
  • Variable session lengths


In Primary school, children develop their numeracy skills. The main focus is on understanding numbers and how they interact, as well as incorporating all Australian Curriculum Primary Years Numeracy including:

  • Number and Algebra
  • Measurement and Geometry
  • Statistics and Probability

Many students begin to fall behind in Math as they may be limited to "pen on paper" but require the ability to physically manipulate objects to develop and consolidate their understanding.  One-on-one tutoring provides an opportunity for children to investigate Math in more meaningful ways through manipulation and drawing, in addition to making connections with "pen on paper" maths.  Importantly, our tutors focus on creating an environment where it is safe for children to make mistakes and to think about Math in new and exciting ways. 

Some children may find some numeracy areas to be difficult or may struggle with them all. Understanding what a child is struggling with, and why, is vital for tutoring to be successful. For example, a child who finds it hard to multiply and divide may have a poor understanding of place value. Simply giving this child lots of multiplication problems to practice will not result in a better understanding. True understanding for this child will only be achieved when the focus is firstly on place value. Therefore, students benefit more from an individualised approach rather than using a prescribed program, often delivered via a computer by other tutoring companies.


Focusing on Literacy Skills in the primary school years is vital.  These skills are vast and varied and individual children will have their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. They may be excellent readers but poor at spelling, or fantastic at generating ideas writing stories but struggle with punctuation. Therefore, students benefit more from an individualised approach rather than using a prescribed program, often delivered via a computer by other tutoring companies.

At primary age levels, we love to encourage all our students to read. We then focus on comprehension and spelling to ensure the student grasps the concepts of literacy and we will engage them to learn specific strategies and techniques, such as organisational skills, to take to school. Any area of concern becomes a focus for each session.

Tutors will use a variety of techniques and strategies to ensure that your child remains engaged and productive throughout the session. Tutoring session length can also be varied to avoid wasting time when a child becomes too tired or has limited attention!