How can I improve my internet connection?

Connection issues are some of the most frequent technical issues that may be experienced.

We recommend where possible to use a wired connection using an Ethernet cable plugged directly into your router for the best connection possible. 

First, let’s start by checking your internet speed.

Test my connection

How can I improve my internet connection?

If your download / upload speeds are less than 2Mbps you may not be able to use the lesson space effectively and may experience lagging / delays. Sometimes the test may show high speed but also high latency, i.e. there is a delay in the communication. This is measured by the so-called ping. If ping is higher than 50, you may experience some issues with the online lesson space. A value of 100 and above would certainly cause such issues.

To minimise network issues, have a look at the following quick guide:

  • Please make sure you are as close to your wireless router as possible - ideally in the same room. Big obstructions in the way between your router and computer such as thick concrete walls can seriously weaken the signal. Some large home appliances such as fridges and microwave ovens can also disrupt the WiFi signal as they emit electromagnetic frequencies close to those of the wireless signal from your router. Please make sure that your router is not located near any such appliances.

  • If possible, please use an Ethernet cable between your computer and router. This will eliminate most connectivity issues and will minimise the risk of disruptions to your online session.

  • Ensure that other internet users are not streaming or downloading large files, like catching up on their favourite shows on Netflix or YouTube

  • Consider upgrading your wireless router. If it is older than 3-4 years, it may be a good idea to replace it. You can contact your internet service provider to ask them if they can send you a new one. Alternatively, you can buy one yourself.

  • Consider upgrading your broadband plan with your internet service provider.

  • As a last resort you can turn off the video stream