The best organizational tool for managing homework.

The best organizational tool for managing homework.

Most schools will equip students with a diary so that homework and assignments can be recorded. However, many students find this to be ineffective for a number of reasons:

  • homework due dates must be entered
  • homework entries should be recorded on the day in which they intend to complete it.
  • students will forget to turn the page and see what is happening, or due, the following week and therefore end up doing a lot of their homework the night before it is due.
  • assignments are not broken down into manageable parts and therefore the task seems too big leading to procrastination where the student doesn't know where to start. 
  • homework is not seen as part of the nightly routine and is only completed when the student finds time at the end of the evening. This can lead to rushed and poor quality work. 
  • many students are simply too tired or have after school activities that take priority.

Two simple strategies can overcome many of these issues:

  • Homework is recorded as a "task list." As homework is completed, it is crossed off the list. Incompleted tasks from one week go to the top of the list for the next week.
  • Managing a homework schedule becomes the students responsibility by allowing them to include homework as a part of their nightly routine, where they are allowed to watch TV and, yes, even play video games!

Watch the video to understand more about this works.