My top tips to manage remote learning

My top tips to manage remote learning
  • Be kind to yourself – you are not expected to know all the answers! Remember, you are the parent, not the teacher.
  • Limit chances of distractions and interruptions. Turn off the TV and set parental controls on children’s devices and websites. Parent Support has great tips.
  • Foster independence. Make sure children know what to do and how to do it. Most importantly, make sure they know what to do if they get stuck. This DOES NOT involve always asking you!! Respond with “What do you think you could do?” Encourage them to try different solutions, even if you know it won’t work! Stand back and let them problem solve (this is how kids learn). 
  • Praise their efforts and encourage them to keep trying. Use terms like “I really loved the way you did/said/wrote….”
  • If an activity is causing stress and anxiety, then don’t do it! Take a break and rethink. Can this be done in a practical way that you and your child will find more enjoyable? Cooking, writing lists and even housework can be turned into a learning opportunity!
  • Kids love to compete so what can you turn into a competition? Challenge them to time themselves making their bed? Can they better this time the next day? How many pieces can you cut your banana into, count household objects, etc. The list is endless and adaptable for all age groups, and you can’t go wrong!
  • Manage challenging behaviour by asking your child "What would your teacher do if you did/said that?" Encourage them to behave in the same way as they would for their teacher. "Time out" is a great option that allows children to calm down and reflect on their behaviour.