Needs-Based vs Set Curriculum Tutoring.

Needs-Based vs Set Curriculum Tutoring.

If you have decided that your child should receive additional support through tutoring, you will soon discover that there are not only many tutors to choose from but also many tutoring styles. 

Many tutoring companies choose to deliver a set curriculum which a student begins at a point determined by an assessment. Others, like The Tutoring Company, deliver "Needs-based" tutoring and may or may not offer an assessment.

A set curriculum may be delivered through workbooks, worksheets or an online program. A student works through the program under the guidance of a tutor. For students with a history of struggling at school, this may not be the best option. 

The Tutoring Company only offers needs-based tutoring and do not conduct grade-based assessments. For more information on assessments please refer to this article: Understanding Assessment

So why do we take this approach to tuition?

In general, most students require tutoring assistance because they have an incomplete understanding of concepts taught earlier in their schooling. Frequently, students may only misunderstand certain parts of the concept, rather than the concept as a whole. Also, students may understand some units very well and do not need to review these, as they would if they were receiving tuition with a pre-set curriculum. 

The Tutoring Company is more interested in WHY a student is having issues rather than the year level at which an assessment determines they are "At Standard."

Addressing the core reason for struggling academically is the most important aspect to be considered if a student is to make lasting progress. This also means that many other teaching strategies are used, rather than relying on repeated practice. This is also often referred to as Explicit Instruction.

Lastly, we believe that tutoring should complement the school curriculum and provide children with the skills to complete school-based tasks to a high level. 

Education Week states: “Something that's really important to us (Britain’s National Tutoring Programme) is that the tutoring is well- coordinated with the classroom teaching,” Coleman said. “The worst thing that can happen from a teacher’s perspective, and an impact perspective, is when you have teaching and tutoring that collides.”

Students need help with what they are studying in school now and this can only be met through needs-based tutoring. Tutoring should enable them to complete their school tasks independently and to understand what their teacher is delivering.

We want our students going to class and being able to follow the lesson. We want them to be able to submit high-quality homework and assignments on time. This will help students gain confidence and improve their self-esteem. When they feel better about themselves and their ability to do their schoolwork, they become more engaged in class and more willing to do what is asked of them, including doing their homework instead of fighting about it!!