Online Tutoring considerations for parents

Online Tutoring considerations for parents

Online tutoring platforms should offer a completely collaborative and two-way experience for both the tutor and student. Typically, many companies or individuals offer tutoring via Skype but this does not provide many of the additional features that a dedicated collaborative platform provides.  Such a platform is utilised by The Tutoring Company. Students can upload exams, homework, worksheets, screenshots etc and gain feedback from their tutor from both the video contact and by the ability for both to write or type on the screen. Students and tutors can work on documents together just as they would if sitting next to each other. In addition, sessions can be played back for easy revision and page notes can be saved and downloaded. This provides the student with the most authentic tutoring experience possible. It also provides an additional of security.

Our online tutoring portal allows you to have access to our extensive list of professional tutors even if you are not based in Melbourne or if you are unable to access home-based personal tuition for a variety of other reasons. These may include:

  • You live in a rural area
  • Your child misses a large amount of school due to illness and is frequently home during the school day
  • Your desired tutor lives outside your area
  • You attend an Australian International School and want an Australian based tutor
  • You are involved in Distance Education
  • Your children are home-schooled
  • You do not have access to a quiet space in a public area of the home, hampering home-based tuition

Watch this short video to see how it works: Online Tutoring

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