Organisation difficulties

Organisation difficulties

For many students, the weeks leading up to the start of a new school year can be quite stressful. They dread the thought of trying to manage all their daily tasks and simply do not know where to begin. A lack of organisational strategies and tools leaves the student with no option but to keep trying to use the same strategy that has consistently failed for them.

In their frustration, such students may "act out" and refuse to do homework or always say " I did it at school."

Sound familiar? Well, you're not alone and there is help available.

The answer may be as simple as the use of a weekly planner (hard copy or an app) and a quiet and tidy work space. If this doesn’t help, then seek the support of the school. Have you met with the Year Level Co-Ordinator or Head of House and asked for extra support? Surround your child with a team of professionals who is on their side. This can include the school counsellor or any teacher that your child feels particularly connected to. There may also be an underlying reason for poor organisational skills, so an Educational Psychological Assessment may be warranted, especially if there are additional issues such poor academic grades and inattentiveness. A report is generated which identifies any potential reasons for poor organisation and strategies are suggested for teachers, parents and the student. Alternatively, if the school has a Special Needs Department (this may have varying names but is staffed by Special Needs educators), then ask for an appointment as their involvement could be crucial.

Finally, many students will also benefit from one-on-one time spent with a personal tutors . These intensive, quiet and personalised sessions allow a student to focus in a way that can't be done in a classroom. A great tutor will also be able to assist with general organisation by keeping tabs on this in the weekly sessions. As a student begins to feel success by completing and submitting homework and assessment tasks on time, their confidence and independence grows.

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